Mustard Yellow Media

It is Social before it is Media, remember that!


How can we work together? 

I create a video to inspire, to promote or educate people. Allow me to meet you and understand your vision & needs! Leave the creative process to me. We will have a brainstorming session to understand why we are creating your next video.

3 Steps

  1. Book an appointment to meet by filling in this form or send me a direct message on Instagram @ameeralba
  2. 1st meeting to understand your vision and goal of the video. Then I will send you 2 proposals and explain to you the features of both and what to expect in terms of time and cost.
  3. Approval of either of the proposals and we set a time and location for the shoot. Then it is show time!!



Building a new content creation strategy for the amazing Drea Wheeler, the founder of the Bodylicious program. The content is targeting specific audience at different locations with the added value of being able to do the exercise with the least amount of equipment. Hence, the hashtag #AllUNeed. More to be seen @drea_wheller