Yanno’s first birthday

My favorite little Yann! he is one year old now! in fact, he is as old as my Mustard Yellow brand! I love him and I can’t wait to see him grow and start walking/ talking!

Also, I want to see the growth of his Insta-famous life haha! One day you’ll be reading this Yann! Love you,

uncle Ameer,

Mommy X me event

Imagine a special afternoon to celebrate the precious bond between moms and their daughters.

A specially curated event to give you and your daughter a fun-filled VIP experience. Think of it as the ultimate tea party but with so much more! A utopia of joy, Mommy x Me will have eye-candy at every turn, not to mention the sweetest treats and entertainment for all to enjoy.  Memories are made from joyful experiences and we’ll have plenty!  Mommy and me photoshoots, pampering stations, fitness fun, crafting zone, fashions for mama & mini fashionistas, dance party sessions, empowering workshops and so much more!



Grand Prix Montreal

Coverage of the biggest party in Grand Prix weekend at the Ritz and brunch for Women Who Drive

15 screens on Peel street showing adds I filmed or edited for Grand Prix Weekend in Montreal.


Loop of 15 sponsor advertisements together with lifestyle transitions.

I filmed and edited the videos for the 8 restaurants on Peel street. I had a great time going to each and everyone one of them and organizing a story around what is important. Filmed and edited within a week.